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 A Personal Invitation from Dr. Rocco A. Errico

Dear Friends:

I personally invite you to become a member of the Noohra Foundation. This is not just an invitation to membership. It is a call for you to participate with me and the Foundation in presenting to people of all faiths original ancient Aramaic teachings. This spiritual work sweeps away destructive and misunderstood imagery of the Bible. These teachings help to alleviate mental and spiritual abuse which arises from biblical mis-perception.

Aramaic Scriptural Studies clarify inaccurate ideas and misinformation about God, Jesus, and Old and New Testament narratives. These studies shed light on many obscure Bible verses freeing us from the bondage of fear and misunderstanding. Membership in the Foundation offers you an opportunity to share in this vital and liberating work. It enables the Foundation to publish books, educational materials and to produce audio and video tapes.

Members of the Noohra Foundation receive greater insight into Holy Scripture through its special publication, Noohra Light. This periodical, which is available only to its members, presents the latest in Aramaic biblical research work, book reviews, and pragmatic articles of interest and much more.

Again, I personally invite you to join with me in furthering the goals of the Foundation. Become a member of the Noohra family today! Know that your membership is an outreach to others which benefits you.



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