About the
Noohra Foundation

The Noohra Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, non-sectarian, spiritual educational organization. The Foundation is dedicated to helping people of all faiths understand the Bible from a Near Eastern Aramaic perspective. It was established to show an alternate route one may take in biblical studies. Noohra is an Aramaic word meaning “light” and “enlightenment.”

The Noohra Foundation presents direct modern English translations of ancient Aramaic biblical texts with their rich, sociological Semitic customs and traditions. This research work clarifies obscure and misunderstood scriptural passages. It further strengthens an affirmative image of God, humanity, the world and the universe. This teaching is not restricted to any particular denominational biblical interpretation. It provides a broader understanding of Scripture and a practical application for modern living. The Aramaic approach is direct and uncomplicated.

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To teach the historical Near Eastern setting of Holy Scripture.


To make available biblical translations from ancient Aramaic texts with a special study of customs and language of the times.


To teach and therefore preserve the Aramaic language for posterity.


To continue research of biblical Aramaic texts.


To enrich our lives through studying the teachings of the Hebrew Patriarchs, prophets and Jesus.


To apply the wisdom of Scripture to fulfill the needs of modern living.


To publish books and the Noohra Light periodical (for members only) that expand the Aramaic work and religious understanding.


To increase public awareness of the value of the Aramaic work through modern media, lectures, classes, seminars, audio/video cassettes and publications.

Basic Premise


Aramaic and Hebrew were the original written languages of Holy Scripture. Jesus, his apostles and followers proclaimed and taught their religious ideas in an Aramaic dialect. This Semitic tongue was the common vernacular of the times. Therefore, to expand our present knowledge of Scripture, an understanding of the ancient Near Eastern world and its use of Aramaic becomes essential.


Insight into the Near Eastern Semitic culture clarifies many scriptural misconceptions. These misunderstandings have created needless divisions and controversies in biblical studies.


Knowledge of the beliefs, philosophy and psychology of Semitic peoples eliminates mistaken notions concerning the nature of God, humankind, and the universe.


This unique teaching center was founded September 2, 1970 in San Antonio, Texas by Dr. Rocco A. Errico. It currently maintains its facilities in Smyrna, Georgia.

The Noohra Foundation conducts classes, lectures, seminars, retreats and study groups. Three times a year the Foundation publishes the Noohra Light. This periodical presents the latest in Aramaic biblical research.

Noohra Light also publishes updated English translations from ancient Aramaic Peshitta manuscripts, new and informative commentaries on the Old and New Testaments, articles of interest, and book reviews. The publication notifies members of the Foundation about classes, retreats and lectures which are held in various churches and organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

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