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Aramaic School of Light — February, March & April 2023
Third Session: SATURDAY, April 1, 2023

Time 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

presented by: DR. ROCCO A. ERRICO


Jesus’ Passion Week

This class is based on understanding the human Jesus. Most of us are usually introduced to him as totally divine and as God’s only son. The term “son of God” in Semitic languages means “God-like.” Our Western Churches’ dogma has made his divinity the major protocol and unwittingly created a misstep in fully realizing the power and spirit of Jesus of Nazareth.

In these seminars Dr. Errico will be presenting some controversial subjects, starting with Jesus’ birth and why it is vital that we grasp the real meaning of his birth as a human being. This seminar is not a doctrinal or dogmatic teaching but a necessary insight so that we can totally relate to Jesus, a son of the Near East, in a new way.

The early movement of his disciples carried the simplicity of Jesus’ very human and compassionate teaching in spirit and power. It is no wonder that they could suffer martyrdom for him. It is not to change people’s belief but rather to enhance their realization of and their relationship with the living Christ/Messiah.

So mark your calendar and set the date for the first Saturday in April for “THE HUMANNESS OF JESUS” Session 3 – “Jesus’ Passion Week”— in which we will delve deeper into the birth accounts in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, and answer the question as to why there are two different records of Jesus’ birth and genealogy. And why is knowing about this important?

Seminar Schedule — Second Saturday In February And March

First Saturday In April (All Seminars 1:00 To 3:00 P.m. Eastern Time)


Session 1 “Jesus’ Marvelous Birth” — February 11

Session 2 “Jesus’ Human Parables” — March 11

Session 3 “Jesus’ Passion week” — April 1

TUITION: $30:00 per Saturday (Any extra you wish to donate is greatly appreciated!)


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Special Online Programs

Presented by Dr. Rocco A. Errico

Wednesdays 7 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time

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During these one-hour sessions, Dr. Errico will be presenting
various spiritual and biblical topics, allowing time for questions.
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“LET THERE BE LIGHT” Seminar Series
presented & taught by REBECCA JOHNS
based on the book by Dr. Rocco A. Errico
Starting March 21 at 7 pm Eastern Time


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