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SEMINAR SCHEDULE — SEPT – DEC 2021 – 2ND Saturday of each month (except December)
DATES: September 11, October 9, November 13, December 4 – 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Each Seminar consists of 2 sessions, first with Dr. Rocco A. Errico
and the second with Rev. Hanny Freiwat, including Q & A after each.

TOPICS for October 9, 2021

“The Resurrection of Jesus: A Spiritual Perspective” (Part 2)
Teacher: Dr. Rocco A. Errico

An in depth seminar from an Aramaic spiritual and scriptural approach to the resurrection of Jesus. Many historian biblical scholars refer to Jesus’ resurrection as a meta-historical writing in the gospels. But, in reality, it is not meta-historical. Jesus’ apostles and disciples experienced the appearances of their crucified Master-Teacher; it transformed them and raised their collective consciousness. They, in turn, made the resurrection a direct historical event. The story of Jesus was not to end on the suffering and sorrowful cross. Resurrection was a glorious and blissful finish to the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth. This event demolished the fearsome and dreaded power of death.
In this seminar Dr. Errico takes us on an empirical spiritual journey through Scripture regarding the resurrection of Jesus. This session is usually taught to ministerial students only but he now offers it to all who have an open mind and heart. The resurrection of Jesus is not a doctrine to be believed but a reality and expression of the forces of life itself. Dr Errico brings to life subjects such as Near Death Experiences, Out of the Body Experiences, and most of all, After Death Appearances!

“The Parables of Jesus” (Part 2)
Teacher: Rev. Hanny Freiwat

In Matthew’s gospel, it states: “Jesus spoke all these things to the people in parables; and without parables he did not speak to them.” A common question often asked about Jesus’ teaching is: “Why did Jesus constantly speak in parables?” What was Jesus telling his listeners, and what was he attempting to change?
Jesus’ mission and preaching was to teach and demonstrate the practical power of the kingdom of God on earth. His gospel was the Kingdom of Heaven, which was present among the people, but they did not recognize it. He had to open their understanding to realize the workings of God’s presence and the righteousness of the kingdom. Through his parables he revealed the secrets and reality of the Kingdom.
Rev. Hanny Freiwat clarifies the various parables of Jesus from Near Eastern Aramaic understanding. He brings us to the Near Eastern culture and customs of the times along with the spiritual application of the parables.
TUITION: $35:00 per Saturday Seminar
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Presented by DR. ROCCO A. ERRICO
Wednesday Evenings Ongoing
Time: 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time

During these one-hour sessions, Dr. Errico will be presenting
various spiritual and biblical topics, allowing time for questions.
This will be offered as a free-will donation to the Noohra Foundation.
If interested, please contact the Noohra Foundation. Once you register,
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Registration may be made by phone
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4th Sunday Each Month
(none in September – 4th & 5th Sunday in October)
7:00 to 8:15 P.M. Eastern Time

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