Seminar: Mysticism, the Bible and Ancient Mesopotamian Myths

This seminar is an insightful and revealing perspective on ancient Near Eastern cultures and language from which…

This seminar is an insightful and revealing perspective on ancient Near Eastern cultures and language from which the Scriptures emerged. Myths tend to be thought of as fairy tales or something not believable and most definitely false. But that is not the genuine meaning of myth. Most people are familiar with Greek stories, gods and goddesses, but not the stories of the land between the Tigress and Euphratesrivers. The biblical stories begin in this region. Dr. Errico presents a clear and helpful understanding of the first four chapters of Genesis. He pulls back the veil and takes you behind the epic stories of Creation, the Garden of Eden, and Cain and Abel. These primeval poetic narratives have had a deep effect on the modern world, both religiously and psychologically. Though they have, unfortunately, been perceived negatively, they were written to give humanity a new and positive outlook on life. This illuminating seminar explores the following provocative topics: The creation stories of Atrahasis, Gilgamesh, and the Enuma Elish. Women’s role in the ancient and modern world — positive or negative? Is Eve responsible for evil in the world? The Mysterioustree of knowledge. Why did God refuse Cain’s offering? Do we live in a God-cursed world?

Saturday, April 1, 2017 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Seminar Location: WATER GARDEN SUITES 3151 Airway Ave Suite M3 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Seating is limited to only 50 attendees. In order to guarantee a space, please pre-register with the Noohra Foundation. 1-888-992-8161, or fill out and send us the form below. Seminar Fee: Love Offering

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Secrets of Creation: Our Mysterious Beginnings

The biblical author of the first chapter of Genesis was not attempting to reveal a scientific explanation of creation…

(Recorded from California Class April 2, 2016)
The biblical author of the first chapter of Genesis was not attempting to reveal a scientific explanation of creation. This being the case, what was the idea or motive behind his epic creation prose-poem? In our modern age, this ancient holy writing has presented a challenge to our scientific ways of thinking. But once you understand what the Hebrew author was opposing and answering for his day and time, your perspective on this narrative will change.
Based on his knowledge of the Aramaic language and ancient Near Eastern customs and culture, Dr. Errico presents the Genesis creation narrative in a new light, with provocative insights that provide a challenging new perspective on spiritual and human origins.
Have you ever wondered . . . What is God? What is a human being? What is the origin of God? Why is the God of the creation story nameless? What is the mystery of the so called “soul?” Is the soul eternal? How can we know our destiny? These are some of the questions that are addressed in this intriguing seminar. Available on DVD.

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Our Powerful Human Dynamics

In August through December 2015, Dr. Errico gave five Sunday talks that all had the unifying theme of…

(Five Sunday Talks by Dr. Errico)
In August through December 2015, Dr. Errico gave five Sunday talks that all had the unifying theme of “Our Powerful Human Dynamics.” In each of these talks he expounds on a different aspect of this theme, all of which are uplifting and which dignify the human experience. The individual titles of these talks are listed below followed by a biblical quote (Errico translation unless otherwise noted) from each message.

1. Shifting Your Energy (Romans 8:28 – “For we know that those who love God, in everything He helps them for good.”)

2. The Super-NATURAL You (Psalms 139:14 – “I will praise thee because I am awesomely and wondrously made. Marvelous are Thy works and my soul exceedingly knows it.”)

3. Our Authentic Identity (Genesis 1:26 – “Let us make humanity our image, after our resemblance . . .”)

4. The Body, Healing & Faith (Hebrews 11:1 – “Faith is the assurance of things expected, as it was the assurance of things now in existence and the revelation of things not seen.”)

5.You Are the Sacred Temple (1 Corinthians 6:19 – “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that dwells with you . . .?” – Lamsa translation)  ***Note: There are pictures shown at the end of this talk that can be seen on the DVD.

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