Hanny Freiwat

Biography of Hanny Freiwat

Aramaic biblical lecturer, Hanny Freiwat, carries us back almost two thousand years and provides a clear perspective of Jesus in the light of his own language, culture, and times.

From his unique position as a Palestinian-American, Hanny weaves the insights of his native background with disciplined inquiry to foster the understanding necessary for the Bible to reclaim its relevance in our contemporary lives.

Hanny returns to the original Aramaic language of Jesus, the prophets, and the original Peshitta texts to help his students understand the culture in which this language was spoken. Through his holistic, comprehensive approach Hanny clarifies a message that has been locked behind millennia of misunderstanding and mistranslation.

Hanny has studied for over 17 years with Dr. Rocco A Errico founder and president of the Noohra foundation, who in turn studied with Dr. George Lamsa, world-renowned Assyrian biblical scholar and translator of the ancient Aramaic Peshitta text Holy Scripture into English.

A native speaker of Arabic, Hanny explains how essential the Semitic context of culture, language, idioms, symbolism, mysticism, psychology, and literary amplification are to understanding the ancient Scripture.